My name is Kevin Min and our goal here at Homeplus Care is to help you find the best care possible. Homeplus Care offers a unique and beneficial combination of home health care and community based social services in the Greater Philadelphia. I consider it to be an honor and privilege to be able to work side by side with our clients and family members to ensure that all their home care needs are met. I believe a compassionate heart is one of the prime virtues in caring for the people we love. Being part of a  family has demonstrated how hard it can be to watch the people we love struggle. That is why HomePlus Care is so passionate about the families we serve and the care we provide.


However, we feel that there is a gap between the care needed and the care being provided in this industry. To fill in the service gap, we will safeguard our principle that every single client is treated with the same care and compassion, in the same way we would want our own loved ones to experience. We know things will not always be easy, however we are very confident about the quality of our services, as we have a strong will to meet the needs of our clients.


HomePlus Care is starting the journey to a new and improved home care agency, as we expand and integrate new services. We have developed a variety of social work services to support immigrant caregivers and their family members in our region. We know that culture influences social well-being and impacts caregiving across the life span. Thus, understanding the dynamics among family members provides key clues on how to best help those seniors and caregivers of diverse cultural backgrounds. Empowering these diverse communities involves a delicate mix of cultural competence and a willingness to advocate on their behalf.


Our next goal is to augment our business capability to meet the ever-changing business environment. To meet the challenges, we will build the new community care network. Some of our projects include: 1) Dome Care Project, 2) Care Farm Project, 3) Personal Care Homes, 4) Supported Employment, and 5) Community Integration. I hope to share our plans in detail in the following pages.


Some stories have ended, while others are merely ramping up for 2020. As we go into the next year, we’re continuing to evaluate what HPC has been and what it needs to be. We have great projects in store for the coming months, and we hope you’re as excited to see them as we are to share them. All our success would not have been possible without the support and encouragement of many people.



Kevin Min

Managing Director, HPC


Serving the Philadelphia community 

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